Jesus Vision World Mission puts into action the Lord’s greatest commandment –

to love God and to love our neighbors, by going to the whole world for His name.

All for the glory of God.


Jesus Vision World Mission was founded in the dawn of 2011 with its headquarters in Orange County, California by a church passionate for the lost around the world.  We believe that God deeply loves every person in the world and longs for each of them to have the fullness of life through His Son, Jesus Christ (John 3:16).  For that purpose, we believe that Jesus’ vision is world missions, through which He can extend his love to all his people even in the deepest parts of the earth.  Jesus Vision World Missions goes beyond the walls of churches, denominations, and race, to share Jesus Christ to the whole world for the salvation of the lost.  This purpose is accomplished through outreach ministries, church construction, school establishment, water tank installation, medical ministries, children’s ministries, and through native missionary discipleship.